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May 2006 Site of the Month on The Bench

Hello and welcome to my sports card trading pages. The cards pictured on these pages are ones I have or have had in the past that I've been lucky enough to pull or trade for. I've changed some stuff around on the site, since "Steel Curtain" still reflects my admiration for the '70s Steelers but doesn't really reflect my current trading profile. Not that "Hammer of Justice" does, but I'm a Metallica fan, and it's kind of neutral and I like it. Here's hoping for some good trades in the future! I decided to move my disclaimer from my old Beckett site over here after occasional run-ins with less-than-polite traders. Here it is:

DISCLAIMER: If you plan on responding to any offer I make to you for your cards with such comments as "What kind of offer is that?", "Good one" or "You call that piece of **** a tradelist?" or other similar remarks, then don't even bother replying. If you can't just say "No thanks." or "Here's what I want (etc.), do you have anything that's not listed?" then I don't want to trade with you, because I'd just be trying to appease someone who's really being kind of a jerk. If you've got something I really want or I've got something you really want, let's work something out if possible. But try to be polite about it. It's a small thing to ask.

Game Used/Auto Tradelists (below my wants on this page)
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Bowman baseball needs/haves page // pre-1986 baseball needs/haves page
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Bad Traders page (I'd encourage you to look, updated 10/16/04) // Gallery of some scans, including some tradeables, personal collection (including 1997 UD Legends autos, 1999 SP Sig and SI Greats FB autos) and cards gone by
'84 49ers team RCs (COMPLETE!!!!) // '75 Steelers team RCs (COMPLETE!!!!)

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I have player collection havelists with focus on Rickey Henderson, J.R. Richard, Amos Otis, Fernando Valenzuela, Andrew McCutchen, Tim Raines (Sr.), Vlad Guerrero, Manny Ramirez, Mo Vaughn

I'll take all cards I need from Bowman baseball sets ('89-present)-- master sets, including GU, autos, inserts, rookies, parallels, refractors and commons and cards from sets from 1985 and older. This gives me even more stuff to collect but, hopefully, also a way to get rid of my commons and other stuff for stuff I'm interested in. My Bowman page of wants or haves in each set can be found here. A page of pre-1986 wants and haves can be found here. Other various and numerous baseball set needs can be found here.

I'm looking for rookie cards of all-time teams in baseball, too. I'm starting with the '75 Red Sox and '72 A's. The ones I'm looking for are listed below after the football teams.


Priority Players -- Football
Eric Dickerson, Kurt Warner, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Herschel Walker.... here's a link to my player collection havelists

I'm working on the '96 Topps and Topps Chrome 40th Anniversary Retros sets (including the Chrome refractors), the '84 and '85 Topps USFL and any other USFL card sets. I'm also searching for '99 SP Signature autographs, '99 Sports Illustrated autographs and '97 UD Legends autos. Those set needs or haves can be found along with many others here.

I'm looking for rookie cards of all-time teams. I've finally completed the '75 Steelers (click to see gallery), and the '84 49ers (click to see gallery). I've added the '76 Raiders (gallery to be added soon). The ones I'm looking for are listed below the rest of my wants. Click here if you want to skip to those wants as well as my all-time baseball team wants.

I'm always looking for rookies, inserts and commons of:
***all former or current (especially team issue) Colorado Buffaloes***
***RCs, autos, #d and GU of players who played in the MIAA in college***
(***Rod Smith***, James Thrash, Chris Greisen, players from Missouri Southern, Emporia State, NW Missouri State, Central Missouri State, Pittsburg State, etc. My alma mater is Washburn University, an MIAA school.)


Priority Players -- Basketball
Pete Maravich, Hakeem Olajuwon, Reggie Miller, Brandon Jennings, Blake Griffin, Earl Monroe, Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon

I'm trying to put together a set of '80-81 Topps, so LMK if you've got any complete three-panel cards. I'm also looking to put together the '00-01 Ultra Slam Show set (only need #s 2,6,8 and 9) and '98-99 EX Dunk 'N Go Nuts insert set, so LMK what you've got in those. Those set needs or haves can also be found along with others here.

I'm looking for RCs, inserts and commons of the 1989-90 UNLV Runnin' Rebels (Tark the Shark, Augmon, Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony, Anderson Hunt, David Butler, Moses Scurry, etc.)


Priority Players -- Hockey
Curtis Joseph, Peter Forsberg, Sami Kapanen, Chris Drury, Evgeni Nabokov, Owen Nolan, Vincent Lecavalier

Click here for my various hockey set needs.

I'm interested in any and all Quebec Nordiques. Looking for rookies, game-used, autos, inserts and commons of Les Nordiques.

All-time teams wantlists

'76 Raiders needs
Butch Atkinson, DB -- '72 #323
Pete Banaszak, RB -- '69 #30
Fred Biletnikoff, WR -- '65 #133
Cliff Branch, WR -- '75 # 454
Willie Brown, CB -- '65 #46
George Buehler, G -- '76 #495
Neal Colzie, DB -- '76 #2
Dave Dalby, C/G -- '76 #112 (would like an upgrade)
Clarence Davis, RB -- '75 #278 (would like an upgrade)
Carl Garrett, RB -- '71 #34
Ray Guy, P -- '74 #219
Ted Hendricks, LB -- '72 #s 93 and 281
Marv Hubbard, RB -- '72 #s 1 and 54
Ted Kwalick, TE -- '72 #s 6 and 155
Errol Mann, K -- '71 #247
John Matuszak, DE/DT -- '74 #148
Charlie Phillips, DB -- '79 #s 8 and 169
Mike Reinfeldt, DB -- '80 #30
Dave Rowe, DT -- '70 #101
Mike Siani, WR -- '73 #101
Jack Tatum, DB -- '73 #288
Phil Villapiano, LB -- '72 #108

'72 A's needs
Team -- '73 #500
Dick Williams -- '52 #396
Dave Duncan -- '64 #528
Mike Epstein -- '67 #204
Tim Cullen -- '67 #167
Sal Bando -- '67 #33
Bert Campaneris -- '65 #266
Joe Rudi -- '69 #587
Reggie Jackson -- '69 #260
Angel Mangual -- '70 #654
Larry Brown -- '64 #301
Matty Alou -- '61 #327
Bill Voss -- '66 #529
Ted Kubiak -- '68 #79
Mike Hegan -- '67 #553
Don Mincher -- '60 #548
Ollie Brown -- '66 #524
Dick Green -- '64 #466
Marty Martinez -- '67 #504
Bobby Brooks -- '70 #381
Dal Maxvill -- '63 #49
Brant Alyea -- '66 #11
Gonzalo Marquez -- '73 #605
Ron Clark -- '67 #137
Adrian Garrett -- '66 #553
Curt Blefary -- '65 #49
Bill McNulty -- '73 #603
Art Shamsky -- '65 #398
Larry Haney -- '67 #507
Orlando Cepeda -- '58 #343
Catfish Hunter -- '65 #526
Ken Holtzman -- '67 #185
Blue Moon Odom -- '65 #526
Rollie Fingers -- '69 #597
Bob Locker -- '65 #541
Darold Knowles -- '64 #418
Joe Horlen -- '62 #479
Diego Segui -- '63 #157
Denny McLain -- '65 #236
Gary Waslewski -- '69 #438
Don Shaw -- '67 #587
Jim Roland -- '63 #522
Mike Kilkenny -- '69 #544

'75 Red Sox needs
Team -- '75 #172
Darrell Johnson -- '57 #306
Carlton Fisk -- '72 #79
Carl Yastrzemski -- '60 #148
Doug Griffin -- '71 #176
Rico Petrocelli -- '65 #74
Rick Burleson -- '75 #302
Fred Lynn -- '75 #622
Jim Rice -- '75 #616
Bernie Carbo -- '70 #36
Denny Doyle -- '70 #539
Cecil Cooper -- '72 #79
Juan Beniquez -- '74 #647
Bob Montgomery -- '71 #176
Tim Blackwell -- '78 #449
Bob Heise -- '70 #478
Rick Miller -- '72 #741
Tony Conigliaro -- '64 #287
Tim McCarver -- '62 #167
Dick McAuliffe -- '62 #527
Deron Johnson -- '59 #131
Steve Dillard -- '77 #142
Butch Hobson -- '77 #89
Andy Merchant -- '76 #594
Luis Tiant -- '65 #145
Rick Wise -- '64 #561
Bill Lee -- '70 #279
Reggie Cleveland -- '70 #716
Dick Pole -- '74 #596
Dick Drago -- '69 #662
Diego Segui -- '63 #157
Jim Burton -- '76 #471
Jim Willoughby -- '73 #79
Roger Moret -- '71 #692
Steve Barr -- '76 #595


Some scans can be found at my photobucket site.


Game/event used

'01 Impressions Rhett/Prentice/J. Dawson Triple Threads (Rhett, Dawson brown, Prentice white swatch)
'01 Pacific Private Stock Steve Beuerlein jersey (black)
'01 Pac. Titanium dual Maurice Smith/Reggie Kelly (black -Falcons swatches), Dave Moore (red Bucs swatch)/Erron Kinney (dark blue Titans swatch) 123
'01 Titanium Postseason Dee Brown jersey (Panthers rookie RB, black part of number), Cris Carter jersey (solid purple) 60

'02 Fleer Hot Prospects Maurice Morris (gray) jersey RC #d/1000
'02 Playoff Piece of the Game Ron Dayne jersey (white), Kevin Johnson jersey (white), Eddie George ball POG18
2002 Stadium Club Mike Alstott Highlight Materials Pro Bowl jersey (white) HM-MA -- #d/1499
2002 Upper Deck Ahman Green Wild Cards jersey (white) WC-AG

'03 Leaf Rookies and Stars Artose Pinner Freshman Orientation jersey (Lions' blue) FO-15 #d 475/600
'03 Absolute Memorabilia Kliff Kingsbury RPM RC ball/blue jersey 156 #d 229/750
'03 Upper Deck Tyrone Calico Rookie Futures jersey gold #d 88/99 (navy blue swatch)
2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Terrell Suggs Game Day jersey (white Arizona State swatch) JC-TS 12/350

'04 Leaf Rookies and Stars Steven Jackson jersey RC 281 #d 7/750 (scan at 'bucket)
'04 SAGE Jersey Update jerseys -- Michael Jenkins (OSU red) 7, Rod Rutherford (Pitt dark blue) 18
2004 SPX Kevin Jones Rookie Swatch Supremacy jersey (white)
2004 Topps Torry Holt League Leaders Materials jersey (dark blue) LLR-TH

2005 Bazooka Matt Jones Originals jersey (white) BO-MJ
2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars Domanick Davis Crusade Purple jersey diecut (white, scan at photobucket, check slight color problems at top of card) C9 #d 76/150, Troy Williamson Freshman Orientation jersey (purple) FO27 #d 325/350, J.J. Arrington jersey RC 263 #d 634/750
2005 Throwback Threads Daunte Culpepper ball 81 #d 221/275 (piece of football has grooves in it)
2005 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Mark Clayton Saturday Patches (OU jersey patch, white) #d /50

2006 Donruss Threads Eric Moulds Texans ball card 27 #d 90/200, Steve McNair Titans jersey (dark blue) 95 #d 174/250
2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars Tiki Barber GU pants? card (silver) 71 (no ser. #)
2006 Playoff Prestige Marcel Shipp Gridiron Heritage jersey (Cardinals maroon) GH24
2006 Playoff Prestige Tiki Barber Stars of the NFL jersey (blue) NFL-30

2007 Absolute Memorabilia Kevin Kolb RPM RC 264 (green jersey/ball/white jersey) -- #d/849
2007 Bowman Sterling Ted Ginn Jr. jersey RC (Dolphns teal)
2007 Donruss Gridiron Gear John Beck Rookie Gridiron Gems pullout jersey auto RC /100 -- see scan at bucket
2007 Upper Deck John Beck UD Rookie Jersey UDRJ-JB (white)

2008 Absolute Memorabilia Cedric Benson Tools of the Trade dual jersey/shoe (Bears' blue/black) TOTT5 #d 66/100
2008 Aspire Devin Thomas School Pride helmet sticker (Michigan State "S")
2008 Prestige Vince Young Rookie Review jersey (dark blue) 246 (2006 reprint)

2009 Absolute Memorabilia Brandon Pettigrew Rookie Jersey Collection (black) 6
2009 Gridiron Gear Early Doucet III Player Timeline patch (2-color purple/yellow from LSU jersey) 7 #d 10/20
2009 Prestige Dustin Keller Rookie Review jersey (green) 16, John David Booty Rookie Review jersey (purple event-worn) 30
2009 Upper Deck Roger Staubach America's Team jersey (white) 84 (some chipping on bottom edge on back)
2009 Upper Deck Donnie Avery Game Day Gear jersey (Rams' white) NFL-DA
2009 Upper Deck Andre Caldwell Game Day Gear jersey (Bengals white, event worn) NFL-AC, John David Booty Game Day Gear jersey (Vikes' white, event worn not game worn) NFL-BO

2010 Gridiron Gear Jamaal Charles Game Breakers patch (red) 15 -- #d 45/50
2010 Rookies and Stars Montario Hardesty Freshman Orientation jersey (white) -- #d/299
2010 Topps Donovan McNabb Redskins Throwback Patch LPC-38

2011 Topps Prime Kendall Hunter/Delone Carter/Taiwan Jones Triple Combo jersey (all white swatches) TCR-HCJ #d/388


'94 Signature Rookies Trent Pollard auto #d/5000 (T, E. Washington U)
'00 Press Pass John Engelberger auto

'03 Press Pass Vincent Manuwai (Hawaii OL, Jags' 3rd rounder) auto, Teyo Johnson auto, Brian St. Pierre auto

'04 Leaf Rookies and Stars Triandos Luke AU RC 244 #d 60/150
'04 Press Pass Luke McCown auto
2004 Upper Deck Foundations Ben Watson Signature Foundations auto SF-BW

'05 Bowman Chrome Kay-Jay Harris auto RC 244 (faint vertical line on front from pack, scan at photobucket)

2006 Topps Chrome Reggie McNeal RC AU EXCH 242 (redeemed and on hand)

2007 SAGE Sidney Rice red auto

2008 SAGE HIT Jabari Arthur silver auto (Akron WR) A33, Owen Schmitt auto (WVU FB) A70, Nick Hayden auto (Wisconsin DT, Panthers 6th rounder) A104 (scans at bucket)
2008 Topps Dexter Jackson Player Issue Rookie Premiere auto

2009 Aspire Jaimie Thomas auto A6 (Maryland OG/Colts draftee)
2009 SAGE HIT David Bruton auto (Notre Dame FS/Broncos draftee) A27, Matt Shaughnessy auto (Wisconsin DE/Raiders draftee) A29, Brandon Underwood auto (Cincinnati FS/Packers draftee) A44, James Casey auto (Rice TE/Texans) A87, Kyle Moore auto A104 (USC DE/Bucs draftee)
2009 SP Rookie Threads Michael Johnson Lettermen auto O /8
2009 UD Draft Aaron Curry silver auto 129

2010 SAGE HIT Sean Canfield auto (Oregon State QB/Saints 7th rounder) A5, Pat Simonds auto (Colgate WR-TE/Eagles NDFA) A93
2010 Sweet Spot Javarris James auto (throwback Canes helmet) 139 #d 50/200, Dennis Pitta auto (silver ink, NCAA helmet) 144 #d/350
2010 Topps Armanti Edwards Peak Performance auto PPA-AE
2010 Topps Triple Threads Gerald McCoy triple jersey auto (all Bucs' red) RC 129 -- #d 93/99 (jersey number!)

2011 SAGE HIT Scotty McKnight silver auto A11, Rob Housler red auto A34
2011 Topps Platinum Jeremy Kerley Rookie Autos 16 -- #d/2175, on-card auto
2011 Topps Platinum Darren Evans Rookie Autographs 149 -- #d/1000, on-card auto

2013 Score Chris Gragg purple RC auto 343


Game used

2001 Pacific Private Stock Game Gear -- Shawn Green bat (from '00 Dodgers) 95, Dan Wilson bat 166, Rafael Palmeiro bat (from '00 Rangers) 175
2001 SPX Jesus Colome Prospect Jersey (white) 127 (slight wear to one corner)
2001 UD Pros and Prospects Juan Gonzalez Specialty jersey (white Indians' swatch)

2002 Donruss Big League Challenge Materials Troy Glaus red parallel SCD encased and "untouched" (blue jersey, trade at $25-30)
'02 Leaf Certified Josh Phelps New Generation jersey (white) 192 #d 247/500
'02 Leaf Rookies and Stars Joe Borchard Freshman Orientation jersey (grey)
'02 Playoff Piece of the Game Shannon Stewart jersey (white)
'02 UD Ovation Ivan Rodriguez Diamond Futures jersey (grey)
2002 Topps Traded and Rookies Rondell White Yankees Tools of the Trade bat

'03 Playoff Piece of the Game Kirk Saarloos jersey (2-color white with black pinstripe) POG57
'03 Upper Deck Roy Oswalt Leading Swatches 19 wins (black Astros swatch)
2003 UD Vintage Todd Helton Capping the Action cap card (Rockies' black) CA-TH #d 12/99

'04 Studio Adrian Beltre Game Day Souvenirs jersey (Dodgers white) GD45 (no ser. #, some chipping on one corner), A.J. Pierzynski Game Day Souvenirs jersey (Giants white) GD73 (no ser. #)
'04 Upper Deck Jose Vidro Headliners jersey (gold from '02 AS event)

2005 Donruss Champions Orlando Hudson Impressions Materials Bat x2 -- cards 74 and 75, one pictures O-Dog fielding and the other is him hitting
2005 Donruss Champions Ricardo Rodriguez Indians pants 149
2005 Donruss Champions Wily Mo Pena bat 179
2005 Topps Cracker Jack Magglio Ordonez Take Me Out to the Ballgame bat
2005 Topps Gallery Ryan Drese Originals jersey (blue -- my usual mini-box pull)
2005 Topps Pristine Kaz Ishii Pristine Pieces uncommon jersey (grey) 167 #d 472/500
2005 Topps Update and Highlights All-Star Stitches ASG workout jerseys -- Carlos Beltran ASR-CB (blue), Livan Hernandez ASR-LH (orange), Carlos Lee ASR-CL (orange) and Johan Santana ASR-JS (blue, scan at photobucket)
2005 UD ESPN Mark Teixeira SportsCenter Swatches jersey (white, swatch in die-cut "E" like in ESPN -- pack damage to part of die-cut)

2006 Flair Showcase John Smoltz Showcase Stitches jersey (grey) SS-SM

2006 Topps Kenji Johjima Trading Places bat relic (somewhat hard to get, pictured on front in Seattle and Fukuoka unis, scan at 'bucket)
2006 Topps Update and Highlights Mark Redman All-Star Stitches workout jersey (dark blue or black) AS-MAR, A.J. Pierzynski All-Star Stitches workout jersey (black) AS-AJP

2007 Topps Update and Highlights Hideki Okajima All-Star Stitches jersey (orange)

2008 Topps Ivan Rodriguez 2007 Highlights jersey (grey) HR-IR
2008 Upper Deck Brian Giles 1997-style Game Jersey (white) 97-BG, Eric Gagne 1998-style Game Jersey (grey) 98-EG, J.J. Hardy 1999-style Game Jersey (white) 99-JH

2009 Topps Heritage Cameron Maybin Clubhouse Collection bat CC-CM
2009 UD Spectrum Chris Young Padres Spectrum Swatches blue (sand) SS-CY

2011 Topps Randy Wells Topps 60 jersey (grey Cubs swatch) T60R-RWE

Beckett GGUM -- 1992 UD Tony Gwynn 274 BGS 8.5 w/ gray piece of uniform pants, trade value negotiable, but he is a HOFer


1997 Best Wes Helms auto
1999 Just Julio Lugo auto
2002 Justifiable Jason Cooper auto (former Stanford player) 43 #d 774/1000
'02 Select Rookies and Prospects Adam Pettyjohn auto 3 (has nice sig with notation "7-16-01"), Andres Torres auto 6, Gene Altman auto 37, Jason Karnuth auto 41 (signed "Karnie"), Raul Chavez auto 81 (trade value negotiable on all)

2004 Just Rookies Adam Harben auto (now in Mariners organization) 33
'04 Playoff Prestige Dustin McGowan Xtra Bases Green autograph 195 #d 84/100
2005 KC Royals team issue David DeJesus 5x7 auto (given out at 5/20/05 game)

2006 Tristar Prospects Plus Farm Hands autos -- Evan Longoria FH29 (now graded! BGS 9.5 GEM MINT, scan at bucket), Max Sapp FH43
2006 Upper Deck Update C.J. Wilson (Rangers P) InkRedible auto I-CW
2007 TriStar Prospects Plus Farm Hands auto -- Andrew Brackman SP FH-AB (Yanks first rounder, scan at bucket)


Game used

2000-01 Fleer Shareef Abdur-Rahim Feel the Game shorts (white)
2000-01 Fleer Premium Marcus Fizer ball RC 233 #d 184/1999
'00-01 SP Game Floor Joel Przybilla game floor

'00-01 SP Game Floor Shareef Abdur-Rahim game floor, Stephon Marbury game floor (2-color white/wood)
'00-01 Stadium Club Evan Eschmeyer jersey (Nets white swatch)

'01-02 Fleer Platinum Tom Gugliotta National Patch Time (purple), Baron Davis National Patch Time (teal)
'01-02 Fleer Exclusive Brandon Armstrong dark blue patch RC
'01 SAGE Stephen Hunter jersey (white, #d/400)
'01-02 SPX Samuel Dalembert au/jsy RC green version #d/800
'01-02 UD Rodney Buford NBA Finals Fabrics, Brian Shaw NBA Finals Fabrics (yellow)
'01-02 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Vladimir Radmanovic jersey RC #d/1200 (green)
2001-02 UD Sweet Shot Marcus Fizer jersey (black) x2 MF

'02-03 Fleer Showcase Elton Brand AvantCard material warm-up #d/202 (dark swatch)
'02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Mike Miller Hot Materials 2-color black and white shorts swatch, Caron Butler Hot Materials jersey (crease all way down front but not on back of the card, would trade slightly under high book)
2002-03 Fleer Tradition John Stockton School Ties jersey (purple) -- w/Dickau
'02-03 Hoops Stars Steve Francis Superstars jersey (white)
'02-03 Stadium Club Rasheed Wallace Frequent Flyers warm-up (black) #d 100/350,
'02-03 Topps Jersey Edition Mehmet Okur RC (blue)
'02-03 Topps Pristine Chris Webber (white warmup from All-Star Game), Jason Kidd (white shorts) Popular Demand game-used
'02-03 Topps Pristine Chris Wilcox Pristine Rookie Club shorts (red)x2
'02-03 Topps Pristine Vlade Divac Pristine Portions warm-up (black)
'02-03 Ultra Jason Terry O! game used warmup (black)
'02-03 UD Steve Francis All-Access jersey SP (white)
'02-03 UD Baron Davis/David Wesley dual shooting shirts (both purple)
'02-03 UD Authentics Andre Miller Stat Patterns jersey (dark blue swatch) #d/500
'02-03 UD Championship Drive Robert Archibald Champion Collection parallel rookie jersey (aqua) #d 6/25!!
'02-03 UD Championship Drive Chris Wilcox jersey RC #d/400 (white)
'02-03 UD Championship Drive Prized Properties jersey -- Pau Gasol (black)

'03-04 Hoops Hot Prospects Pau Gasol/Baron Davis Sweet Selections dual jersey (black/white) #d 123/375
'03-04 Skybox Autographics Dirk Nowitzki JerseyGraphics J-DN jersey (white) #d 51/260
'03-04 SP Game Used Michael Finley Authentic Fabrics jersey (white)
'03-04 Sweet Shot Jermaine O'Neal Sweet Swatches jersey (2-color mostly blue with little yellow)

'04-05 Fleer Tradition Kenyon Martin Hardcourt Tributes jersey (white Nets' swatch -- pictured in Nuggets uni)
'04-05 SP Game Used Eddie Jones jersey (white) 75
'04-05 Topps Chrome Antoine Walker Slice of Success shorts (Hawks white) #d 841/900
'04-05 Topps Pristine Nene Fantasy Favorites shooting shirt (light blue)

2005-06 Bazooka Sarunas Jasikevicius All Access shooting shirt (Pacers navy blue), Caron Butler Blog Squad jersey (Lakers gold), Carlos Boozer Power jersey (Jazz navy blue)
2005-06 Topps Kenyon Martin Rise to the Occasion jersey (Nugs powder blue)
2005-06 Topps Chrome Chauncey Billups Hardwood Heroics jersey (Pistons white) #d 177/400

2007-08 Stadium Club Dirk Nowitzki Beam Team jersey (white) BTR-DN
2007-08 Ultra SE Tayshaun Prince Heir to the Throne patch (red/white) HT-TP -- #d 12/25

2009-10 Classics Dirk Nowitzki/Shawn Marion Classic Combos jersey 4 (white/blue) #d 44/99
2009-10 Classics Aaron Brooks Timeless Threads jersey (white) 23 -- #d/199
2009-10 Playoff National Treasures Austin Daye NBA Gear dual patch (red, white/blue/little red) 22 -- #d 22/49
2009-10 Playoff National Treasures Sam Young NBA Gear dual patch (light blue/grey, grey/dark blue) 31 -- #d 46/49
2009-10 Topps Bill Russell Championship Material jersey (green) CM-BR (factory wrinkle on back, doesn't show on front)


'99 Collector's Edge Ron Artest auto
'99 Press Pass SE John Celestand Blue auto #d/500
'00 Press Pass Jerome Moiso auto
'02-03 Bowman Signature Chris Wilcox JSY AU RC parallel #d 10/99!!!, Mike Dunleavy Jr. auto jersey RC SE-MD #d 994/999
'02-03 Topps Pristine Fred Jones Personal Endorsements auto, Melvin Ely Personal Endorsements auto
'04-05 UD Trilogy Kirk Snyder Auto Focus plexiglass auto (only for trade for something good off my set wants in BB, FB or hoops, scan at photobucket)
2008-09 Press Pass Legends Eric Floyd Select Signatures auto SS-SF
2009-10 Playoff Contenders Jodie Meeks auto RC 133
2009-10 Prestige Omri Casspi Prestigious Picks Signatures 21 -- #d 46/50 (tiny chip on left edge)
2010-11 Limited Jordan Crawford auto jersey RC 176 -- #d /249
2010-11 Rookies and Stars Da'Sean Butler Team Patches auto RC 148 -- #d /455


Game used

2000-01 Crown Royale Stu Barnes Game Worn Jersey Redemptions 1 #d 361/475 (black Sabres swatch)

2001-02 Atomic Benoit Brunet jersey (white Canadiens' swatch)
'01-02 UD Prospects Martin Podlesak jersey (white -- Coyotes prospect), Duncan Milroy jersey (white -- Canadiens prospect)
'01-02 Pac. Priv Stock Tony Amonte jersey (red swatch), Vincent Damphousse (white), Cory Stillman (white), J.P. Dumont (black), Jochen Hecht (dark blue, x2) jersey cards
'01-02 SPX Jason Chimera (Oilers) dark blue home jersey RC #d/800

2002-03 Pacific Mark Messier jersey (navy Rangers' swatch, scan at photobucket) 36
2002-03 Pacific Heads Up Jeff Friesen (teal Ducks swatch)/Oleg Tverdovsky (purple Ducks swatch)/Jason Allison (white Bruins swatch)/Adam Deadmarsh (2-color black and white Kings swatch) jersey quad 1
'02-03 SP Game Used Ilya Kovalchuk Future Fabrics jersey (white) #d 4/225
'02-03 UD Top Shelf Keith Primeau/Joe Thornton Reflections dual jersey (white/black) R-PT #d 98/99
'02-03 Upper Deck Paul Kariya Pinpoint Accurate jersey PA-PK 2-color (white with small piece of purple)

'03-04 Pacific Private Stock Reserve Glen Murray 2-color jersey (95% black with 5% white) #d 85/1000 -- according to beckett.com, like Koivu, only 1 of 100 multi-color regular jersey pieces available
'03-04 Pacific Supreme Ryan Smyth jersey (dark blue) 14 #d 137/700

2008-09 SP Game Used Mike Komisarek Authentic Fabrics dual Canadiens jerseys (one blue, one red) AF-KM


'95 Classic 5-Sport Steve Kelly auto
'95 Signature Rookies Draft Day Dmitri Nabokov auto #d
'99 Bowman CHL Luke Sellars blue auto

2006-07 BAP Signatures autos -- Keith Ballard KB, Shawn Bates BA, Stephane Veilleux VE, Radim Vrbata RV
2006-07 BAP Jordan Staal auto RC 216 (chip on top, looking to get replacement from UD), Nigel Dawes auto RC 227


'02 SP Game Used Lee Janzen/Fred Couples Front 9 Fabric combos golf shirts #d 109/200 (Janzen 2-color white/gray, Couples 2-color white/black striped)

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