Steel Curtain's 1984 San Francisco 49ers RC Gallery

Below you'll see scans of rookie cards of the 1984 San Francisco 49ers -- a team that went 15-1 in the regular season (the team's only loss was 20-17 to Pittsburgh) before defeating the Giants and shutting out the Bears in the playoffs to qualify for Super Bowl XIX, in which they routed the Miami Dolphins, 38-16, on Jan. 20, 1985, in Stanford Stadium in Stanford, Calif. QB Joe Montana was the MVP of the Super Bowl after throwing for 331 yards and 3 TDs with 0 INTs and rushing for 59 yards and 1 TD. RB Roger Craig caught 7 passes for 77 yards and 2 TDs and also ran for 58 yards and 1 TD. It was San Francisco's second Super Bowl victory.

The cards pictured show either the player's rookie card or their first appearance on a card (if it's a team leaders card or something like that.) For the remainder of my needs from this team and/or to get back to the main page, click here.

'84 49ers
1981 Topps Joe Montana
1984 Topps Roger Craig
1982 Topps Ronnie Lott
1982 Topps Ronnie Lott
In Action
1980 Topps Wendell Tyler
1981 Topps Earl Cooper
1981 Topps Earl Cooper
Record Breaker
1981 Topps Dwight Clark
1983 Topps Renaldo Nehemiah
1980 Topps Matt Cavanaugh
1976 Topps Russ Francis
1988 Topps Mike Wilson
1978 Topps Randy Cross
1979 Topps Al Dixon
1986 Topps Carl Monroe
1989 Pro Set John Frank
1990 Pro Set Jesse Sapolu
1989 Pro Set Bubba Paris
1980 Topps Fred Quillan
1980 Topps Max Runager
1976 Topps Ray Wersching
1978 Topps Louie Kelcher
1984 Topps Dwaine Board
1978 Topps Fred Dean
1986 Topps Jeff Stover
1980 Topps Manu Tuiasosopo
(Marques' dad)
1986 Topps Michael Carter
1988 Topps Michael Walter
1989 Pro Set Riki Ellison
1989 Pro Set Jim Fahnhorst
1978 Topps Mario Clark
1988 Topps Dana McLemore
1989 Pro Set Jeff Fuller
1987 Topps Tom Holmoe
1985 Topps Carlton Williamson
1984 Topps Eric Wright
1980 Topps Gary Johnson
1985 Topps Keena Turner
1977 Topps Lawrence Pillers
1976 Topps Freddie Solomon
1989 Score Supplemental Guy McIntyre
1985 Topps Keith Fahnhorst
1989 Topps Jeff Fuller
1989 Score Jeff Fuller
1982 Topps Dwight Hicks