Steel Curtain's Bad Trader Page

Matthew English (Beckett id cardz4eva) -- Mililani, HI-- ebay bmxers123
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
*I traded him a Hoops Hot Prospects DeShawn Stevenson RC and a HHP Eddie Jones Genuine Coverage card and never got my cards. He says he sent, but no cards. He then said he'd send them back. Haven't received them. He won't answer my e-mails, so I filed a fraud report on him with the US Postal Inspectors. As of 7/25/01, all three of the above addresses are dead.

Jason Queener (Beckett id jqueener) -- Orange Park, FL -- [email protected]
*I traded him a UD Culpepper RC and never got my cards. Multiple e-mails went unanswered.

Lamar Rogers -- Orlando, FL -- [email protected]
*I traded him a Press Pass Dan Langhi auto for an SP Top Prospects A.J. Guyton auto. Never got it. Subsequent e-mails went unanswered. Can't remember his userid, sorry.

Adam Patton (userid adamjerichoholic) -- Lafayette, IN -- [email protected]
*I traded him a UD Gold Reserve Marion Gold Strike and a Topps Brian Cardinal RC for a Finest Ray Allen RC. Never got the card. He said he sent, swears he sent, but still no card. Offers to send mine back. Feeling generous, I offer to allow him to keep the Cardinal if he sends back the Marion if, in fact, the Allen card did get lost in the mail. No response.

Brenton Erikson -- Beatrice, NE -- [email protected]
*Another sucky deal, this one the second worst deal I've ever made. I traded him a '99 CE Manning Game Ball card for a bunch of cards, including a Staley jersey and some Ricky Williams cards and others. He said he never received the Manning. After he agreed to my deal, he said he also forgot about the trade after finding another Manning game ball card he had. The old "I never received it" trick is wearing thin on me. Is it so hard to be honest? I don't know how some people sleep at night.
UPDATE 7/25/01 -- Yahtzee! Brenton sent my card back after some semi-harassment. He's still a liar and I'd never trade with him again, but he sent the card back, so that puts him a little ahead of others. He has some sort of conscience.

Toan Truong (userid enterme) -- Harbor City, CA -- [email protected]
*I traded him a Steve Francis Heritage Deja Vu and UD Jermaine Jackson RC. He said he never received them, so didn't send mine. It may have happened due to the USPS.

Roger Caluya (userid ??) -- Fremont, CA -- [email protected], [email protected]
*I traded him a $3 Kobe insert for a lot of 100 Steelers. He said he never received his and that he sent mine. Never got them. Once again, the USPS may be the culprit, but I doubt it. BEWARE -- still active under yahoo e-mail address. Contacted me 10/16.

Chad Miller -- AKA Jeff Wang?? (that's whose name was on the e-mails in the from: portion) -- Pleasanton, CA (obviously I have bad luck with CA traders) -- [email protected]
*I traded him a Topps Zito/Sheets RC for a Topps F. Mitchell RC and Bowman D. Farmer RC and never got them. E-mails went unanswered. It's a small bad trade, but a bad trade all the same. Beware.

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