Oddball and multisport cards


'94 Action Packed Badge of Honor pins -- Jim Kelly, Bubby Brister (trade Kelly at $10, Brister at $3)
1995 Classic Pro Line Jerome Bettis National Sports Collectors Convention St. Louis interactive prize card
'97 Pinnacle Inside Karim Abdul-Jabbar can (opened, trade at $2)
'02 McDonalds Patriots Super Bowl Champs large plastic cup (I think released only in New England area -- trade at $5-10 -- pictures Vinatieri kicking the game winner with the scoreboard showing final score and a Pats' '02 schedule)
'03 Laser Line Donovan McNabb gold foil card
'03 Scholastic promo cards -- Brian Urlacher 1, Donovan McNabb Ultra 2, Jeff Garcia Score 3, Peyton Manning UD 4
'05 UD AFL Damian Harrell 17 (from May Beckett FB)


'02-03 UD Champ. Drive LA Clippers Trophy Tributes replica trophy -- trade at $10-15
'02-03 Topps Around the World redemption set -- '02-03 Topps Yao Ming Around the World
'02-03 Topps Drew Gooden Around the World
'02-03 Topps Caron Butler Around the World
Others in the set for trade include Nene Hilario, Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Qyntel Woods, Nowitzki, Shaq, Turkoglu, Duncan, Gasol, Kirilenko, McGrady, Mutombo (in Nets uni), Nash, Olowokandi, Tony Parker, Wang ZhiZhi, Stojakovic and Radmanovic.
'03-04 SP Signature TMac tin (opened, trade at $20)
'03-04 UD Magazine Lebron James removable cover card (oversize)
'03-04 UD Magazine 9-card sheet inc. Ichiro, Mantle, Tiger Woods, Lebron, Vick, Matsui, Darko Milicic, Jordan and Gretzky (1 cm. long hairline crease on left front of LeBron, not on back, otherwise everything mint)


1993 Bleacher Bums Chipper Jones Richmond Braves Prototype SP (trade at $7-10)
'93 Duracell Will Clark 22 (trade at $3)
1993 Topps Full Shot Darren Daulton jumbo 13
1997 Riddell Dodgers miniature helmet
'98 Donruss Preferred Scott Rolen PH green tin
'98 Pinnacle Full-size Photos Arizona Diamondbacks (3x5s?, pack of 8, opened, x3) -- include Matt Williams, Jay Bell, Devon White, Andy Benes, others; also have a pack of eight Mariners photos from the same set including ARod, two of Buhner, no Griffeys; pack of Dodgers photos from set; seven packs of D-Rays photos from set with some dupes
1998 Pinnacle Mint coins -- Bagwell 1, Bonds 3x2, T. Clark 4, Griffey 7x2, C. Jones 11, T. Martinez 13, Pettitte 16, Ripken 18 (some discoloration on back), I. Rodriguez 20, Cruz Jr. 25, L. Hernandez 28, Rolen 30
'99 ProTalk ARod 40-40 club talking card with stand-up (still in package, trade at $10-15), Mark McGwire series 2 HR 70 call (still in package, big crease down middle of package, trade at $5)
1999 UD PowerDeck Jordan/Gretzky/Montana/Ruth Athletes of Century 3 1/2 x 8 card x5 (one mint, three have one not-mint corner and other has slight scratch on back only visible when light reflects on card)
'00 Fanatics Talking Starcard Ripken 400th Home Run call with stand-up (trade at $15 -- some minor damage to back of package), Sosa 300th Home Run call with stand-up x7 (still in package, trade six at $15, other at $10, $10 one has moderate damage on back of package from glue), McGwire 500th Home Run call with stand-up x2 (still in package, trade at $20)
'00 Fleer Twizzlers Piazza 9
'01 Upper Deck Ichiro Tribute to 51 box set of 25 reg. cards plus a 3 1/2 x 5 card (trade value negotiable)
'02 or '03 Merrick Mint Ichiro Laserline gold foil card
'02 Post Thome, Bagwell, Helton x2
'02 Post Piazza (unwrapped), Bagwell, Ichiro, Giambi mini bobbleheads
'03 Cracker Jack Chipper Jones All-Stars mini diamond-shape cards (trade at $3)
'03 Flipp Nomar Garciaparra flipbook (trade at $4), Troy Glaus 2002 World Series MVP flipbook x2 (trade each at $3), Torii Hunter flipbook (trade at $3), Andruw Jones flipbook x2 (trade each at $4), Mike Piazza flipbook (trade at $4), Jim Thome Phils flipbook x2 (trade each at $4)
2003 UD Collectibles PlayMakers Mini Bobble Heads -- Barry Bonds Giants (home uni, like others, still in package, trade value negotiable), Ken Griffey Jr. Reds (in home pinstripe jersey, about 4 inches tall, still in package, trade value negotiable), Ichiro (home uni, still in package, trade value negotiable), Alex Rodriguez Rangers (home uni, like others, still in package, trade value negotiable), Sammy Sosa Cubs (in home pinstripes, 4 inches tall, still in package, trade value negotiable)
2003 Upper Deck Post complete set? x2 -- 31 cards, includes Pedro, Sosa, Griffey, Vlad, Piazza, Ichiro, Bonds, Pujols, ARod, others (trade value negotiable)
'04 Topps Breakey Alfonzo, Berkman x2, B. Boone, E. Gagne, Gibbons, S. Green, Helton, T. Hoffman, T. Hunter, Pedro Martinez, H. Matsui, Sabathia, Sosa, Sweeney and Willis mini-keys (trade Alfonzo, Berkman, Boone, Gibbons, Green, Helton, Sabathia and Sweeney at $1, Hoffman, Hunter and Martinez (listed as uncommon on CL) at $2, Gagne, Matsui and Willis at $3 and Sosa (listed as ultra rare) at $5)
Babe Ruth Danbury Mint 22k gold foil card (trade value negotiable, enclosed in semi-rigid plastic case)

1990 Michigan State Collegiate Collection K. Gibson/S. Garvey 66, E. Allen 67, G. Smith 68, Chandik 69, Magic Johnson 182, L. Hedden 183, L. Ike 184, F. Kush 185

'02-03 UD Superstars Michael Jordan Magic Moments MM14, Joey Harrington/Yzerman Keys to the City K9, Juan Brito/Ryan Sims First Class Rookies base card, Bledsoe 40, J. Gonzalez 78, M. Lowell 89, R. Miller 104, B. Jordan 116, Drew 231, A. Burnside/Randle El 286


'01 UD -- Tiger Woods Tiger's Tales TT22, T. Woods Tiger's Tales TT24, T. Woods Tiger's Tales TT28x2, Duval 2, Dully 17, B. May 30, Faxon 32, Stricker 34, S. Maruyama RC 38, Durant 46, A. Palmer Legends 59, Weiskopf Legends 68, Nicklaus GB 119, Daly DM 134, Parnevik VM 153, Bjorn VM 170, M. Clark II Tour Time 190, Sluman Tour Time 191, Durant CL 200

'02 Upper Deck -- P. Perez Pin Seekers 3, Woosnam Pin Seekers 8, Lehman Pin Seekers PS14, Kuchar Green Room GR16, P. Casey silver 23, Montgomerie 5, Parnevik 7, Lehman 11, Clark II 26, Sluman 28, C. DiMarco 30, Azinger 42, Hogan LEG 48, Nicklaus LEG 50, C.C. Rodriguez LEG 54, Allenby NWO 63, Montgomerie NWO 70, Cink NWO 72, J. Leonard NWO 80, Petrovic Chip Shots 88, Janzen CS 90, Nicklaus CS 92, Stricker Leaderboard 99, C. Montgomerie LB 103, G. Nicklaus LB 114, Waldorf Leaderboard 115, Berganio Jr. Leaderboard 118, Janzen CL 129

'03 UD -- Couples Major Champions MC17, Pavin 7, Funk 31, Nicklaus LEG 73, McCarron NWO 89

'02-03 UD Superstars Parnevik 142, Luke Donald/Pat Perez First Class Rookies


1999 Protalk Mark Martin Talking Racing Card Bristol win (glue on front, trade at $5-10)
2000 Upper Deck Kenny Irwin 40


2000 Upper Deck MLS Alex Bunbury 75
2000 Upper Deck U.S. Soccer Shannon MacMillan 90


1990 Classic WWF Barry Horowitz 99x2, Brooklyn Brawler 100x2, D. Davis REF 101x2, Hulk Hogan 102x2, Big Boss Man 103x2, Ravishing Rick Rude 104x2, Macho "King" Randy Savage 105x2, Ultimate Warrior 106x2, Demolition (Ax/Smash) 107x2, Jake The Snake Roberts 108x2, Ted DiBiase 109x2, Hacksaw Jim Duggan 110x2, Andre the Giant 111x2, Miss Elizabeth 112x2, Superfly Jimmy Snuka 114, Tito Santana 115, Honky Tonk Man 117, Koko B. Ware 119, Haku 120, The Rockers (S. Michaels/M. Jannetty) 121, Red Rooster 122, Bret Hart 123, Hulk Hogan Hulkster 125, Brutus The Barber Beefcake logo 143x2